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Delta Vision

Project Description: 

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order in 2006 creating the Delta Vision process to develop a strategy for resolving long-standing conflicts in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta between water exports, ecosystem, and in-Delta land use. He charged the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force, a seven-member body of senior policy experts, with developing this plan over a two-year period.

The Task Force engaged Stuart Siegel of WWR to serve as its Technical Lead for Ecosystem Strategies. As lead, Dr. Siegel headed the Ecosystem Work Group, a large group representing environmental groups, state and federal agencies, water users, and Delta interests, through the development of a broad range of strategies for addressing Delta ecosystem concerns.

Dr. Siegel presented this group’s recommendations to the Task Force and worked with Task Force staff to incorporate strategies into the Delta Vision Strategic Plan. Dr. Siegel also worked with leads and members of the remaining work groups on water, governance, and Delta as well as the Stakeholder Coordination Group. WWR staff provided supporting analysis and GIS expertise.

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