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Delta Regional Ecosystem Restoration Implementation Plan (DRERIP)

Project Description:  

The California Bay-Delta Authority Ecosystem Restoration Program is undertaking a scientific “vetting” effort for all ecosystem implementation actions proposed for the Delta in its Record of Decision and Ecosystem Restoration Program Plan Implementation Strategy.

Comprising over 2,000 discrete efforts, these actions were all formulated with the intent to improve conditions for at-risk species and other ecosystem support functions. The purpose of the vetting is to ensure that proposed actions in the Delta are consistent with the latest scientific understandings of processes and conditions in the Delta.

Description of Services: 

Dr. Siegel is a member of the steering committee (the Adaptive Management Project Team or AMPT) tasked with developing a comprehensive process for undertaking the vetting process.

Dr. Siegel is also co-chair (with Dr. Bruce Herbold of the USEPA and Dr. Tina Swanson of The Bay Institute) of the Action Team that will carry out the Action vetting. Dr. Siegel and the WWR staff have prepared conceptual models for use in the vetting process and Dr. Siegel has participated in formulating and reviewing all other vetting guidance documents. Vetting took place in 2006.

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