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Sonoma Creek Baylands West

Project Description: 

This project proposes to enhance a 450-acre tidal marsh on the west bank of Sonoma Creek south of Highway 37 in Sonoma County, California. Enhancement will consist of constructing large tidal sloughs into regions of the marsh that exhibit prolonged submergence that kills emergent vegetation essential for the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse and that supports mosquito production.

Description of Services Provided:  

WWR will collect baseline topographic information, identify areas of poor drainage, design tidal sloughs, conduct hydrodynamic modeling of the slough network to evaluate functionality and geometry, prepare an enhancement plan, and prepare a monitoring plan. 

Additional Info

  • Project Duration: 2006 - Present
  • Client: Marin-Sonoma Mosquito Abatement District
  • Project Status: Restoration Planning
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