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Sears Point Marsh Restoration Project

Project Description:  

This 2,300-acre project site will incorporate tidal marsh restoration (960 ac), diked marsh restoration (380 ac), and riparian, vernal pool, seasonal marsh, and grassland management on the remaining hillslopes and gulches of the project site (960 ac).

The site is one of the most unique properties in the San Francisco Bay Area, an undeveloped parcel extending from the bay margins to around +400 ft msl. Key design elements include new flood control levees, tidal marsh levee breaches, tidal channel network, water control structures for diked marsh, integration of land management with cattle grazing, and public access.

Project phases include site investigations to determine restoration and management opportunities and constraints, preparation of Conceptual (2005) and Preliminary (2006) Restoration Plans, environmental compliance and permitting (2006-2007), construction plans and specifications preparation (2007), construction management (2007-2008), and post-construction monitoring (2008+).

2005 budget is $2 million for planning, with anticipated budgets for all subsequent activities, excluding construction costs, on the order of $3-4 million. Wetlands and Water Resources is the project technical lead, overseeing restoration design and stewardship plan development, all working closely with Sonoma Land Trust staff.



Outstanding CCMP

Implementation Project

Award Winner - 2005

Additional Info

  • Project Duration: 2004 - Present
  • Client: Sonoma Land Trust
  • Project Status: Final Design

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