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Eve Pier Kieli

Eve Pier Kieli
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Ms. Pier Kieli has more than 20 years of professional experience in ecosystems research, restoration, and management, specializing in wetland and riparian habitats.  At WWR, she works on a wide spectrum of restoration and research projects, including project planning and design, field data collection and analysis, wetland science, geomorphic/ecological enhancement, regulatory compliance, and construction management.


Ms. Pier Kieli’s restoration design and management experience includes multiple tidal, wetland, and waterways restoration projects in north San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay, and seasonal wetland and riparian restoration projects throughout California. She has been Project Ecologist and/or Project Manager for the Marin County Public Works Department’s Corte Madera Creek Watershed Geomorphic Assessment, Corte Madera Marsh Ecological Reserve Salt Marsh Erosion Study, California Department of Fish and Game’s Healdsburg Fish Ladder Biological Assessment, California State Parks’ Gaviota Creek and Lagoon Geomorphic Assessment and Habitat Restoration Project, the San Mateo County Parks Department’s Fitzgerald Marin Reserve Baseline and Carrying Capacity Study, and multiple habitat restoration and bank stabilization projects on Bay Area creeks, as well as the Tuolumne, American, Russian, Garcia, and Truckee rivers.


Ms. Pier Kieli has extensive experience in writing and critiquing CEQA/NEPA and other regulatory documents to support environmental compliance. Her graduate work at UC Berkeley focused on analyzing the effects of human intervention on watersheds, and on formulating design and management solutions that work with natural physical processes to restore dynamic balance. Ms. Pier Kieli has been a frequent guest lecturer and juror at UC Berkeley, where she has addressed wetland and riparian restoration issues with students in the Department of Environmental Design. 


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