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Dr. Stuart Siegel participates in advisory panels for restoration projects, regional natural resources planning, and applied sciences projects. Dr. Siegel contributes integration across the breadth of experience of ESA’s team of restoration planners, designers, and scientists and its project experience along with extensive knowledge of efforts taking place throughout the region and elsewhere.

Science advising services can encompass many activities and can apply to restoration projects (advisory committees), regional planning (applied strategic science), and research projects (advisory committees). 

Advisory committee services typically involve reviewing technical documents, preparing written comments, preparing original materials summarizing pertinent scientific information, participating in advisory panel meetings to discuss the subject projects, and providing recommendations.  

Regional planning science advising typically involves collaborative efforts to develop science-based approaches to addressing policy considerations, developing conceptual models, developing assessment frameworks, delivering presentations within these groups and to outside entities, reviewing and commenting on technical documents, and providing recommendations.



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