• Wetlands and Water Resources

Dr. Stuart Siegel participates in advisory panels for restoration projects, regional natural resources planning, and applied sciences projects. Dr. Siegel contributes integration across the breadth of experience of ESA’s team of restoration planners, designers, and scientists and its project experience along with extensive knowledge of efforts taking place throughout the region and elsewhere.

We lead and participate in applied science studies geared toward solving and advancing our scientific knowledge in key areas important to natural resource management issues of the day.

We collaborate in multi-party regional natural resource planning efforts, providing planning and science leadership and developing technical and policy strategies to address complex inter-related natural resource challenges.

We carry out the full range of services from earliest project phases to post-construction monitoring, including acquisition support, feasibility assessments, site characterization, designs from concept to engineering plans and specifications and bid packages, permitting and environmental review, stakeholder outreach, construction management, and grant support. All our projects apply knowledge from our regional planning and applied conservation science foundations.


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